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Dear Yuletide Person Made of Win

Welcome! \o/

What follows below is me being stupidly excited and brainstorming like I was payed to do it. I love to be given specific prompts and plot ideas, myself, so I thought I'd write down a few ideas for you, too. But please remember that it is yours to take or leave as you wish. If you already have a great idea for a story, go for it! I am so excited to read your story, and I am going to love it, regardless :)

After Sex
Resources: The movie's IMDB page, the entire (eight minute long) Nikki/Kat segment on Youtube (NSFW)

What I wrote: I'd love to hear more about Nikki and Kat's backgrounds, thought and feelings, and where they go after the short film ended. I'd love to hear them discuss sex and sexuality more. I think Nikki is less mean than she believes herself to be, and I think Kat is more confident than she thinks she is. I'd love to see more of their college/uni lives - hear about all the everyday stuff, the bars they go to, the exams they study for, their classes and their fellow students, their friends, their families. I'd be equally happy with romance or friendship, I'd just love for them to talk more, interact more, get to know each other better, and maybe make each other reevaluate some of their ideas and opinions.

Additional info: Basically, I think I would just love fic about these two being close. I would like to see them have important conversations that make an impact on how they think about themselves and each other, to see them be a part of each other's everyday lives - taking care of each other, having fun together, bickering, arguing, making up, getting to know each other better and trying to figure out what they are to one another. I love domesticity and everyday drama, I love background stories and futurefics, too. I would love to hear snapshots from their college life, to hear how they met, or see Nikki supporting Kat in coming out to her parents, or see if they're still friends or lovers ten years down the line. You can write them as lovers and partners, or you can have them be close friends and give them other love interests if you like, or you know, let them have other love interests before they figure out they actually do want to be together romantically ;) Whatever takes your fancy!

Resources: Fantastic primer for Aaron by [personal profile] sunsetmog, the Aaron/Ed storyline on Youtube

What I wrote: I love Aaron and his bumbling but loving and dedicated makeshift family. I loved watching Paddy and Chas worrying and working together to help Aaron, and I would love to see them rewarded for all their work with Aaron being in a happy and stable place in his life. I love that he finally seems to be over the worst of it, and would love to see how his life might improve now, and how that might affect his relationship to his loved ones. I think Ed is an interesting character who is stil a relatively blank page and I'd love to hear more about him. I'd love to hear about Aaron and Ed's lives in France: How do they deal with moving to another country, how do their new colleagues greet them and what do they think about Aaron and Ed's relationship, what are Ed's thoughts and feelings as he gets to know Aaron better, what is it like for them to be living together and still being in the process of getting to know each other?

Additional info: In the show they piled abuse on Aaron, and it would not be a problem for me if you decided to skip over some of it :) I love that Aaron is a bad kid trying to be good (even though he fails a lot of the time, really), but the sheer amount of emotional trauma he was put through in the end was maybe a little too much, imho. Anyway, I'd love to see him getting better and trying to be good - to himself as well as to others. I'd love to see Ed be a catalyst for that, but I'd be just as happy with Paddy or Chas taking center stage.

The Rhythm of the Heat (song)
Resources: The album version on Youtube, a symphonic orchestra version on Yotube

What I wrote: I've known this song by Peter Gabriel all my life, and I was endlessly fascinated with it as a child. I used to think up stories from the lyrics and the atmosphere of the song: post-apocalyptic science fiction, fantasy stories and dystopias. That was before I knew the actual story behind the song (the song was inspired by psychologist Carl Jung's account of his experiences while he was travelling in Africa and participated in a trance ritual with a group of drummers), and although that is an interesting story too, I am much more interested in hearing your take on what the song could be about - I'd love to see what kind of scenarios you could dream up for this song.

Additional info: I don't really have a lot of additional info :) I'd love anything, I'd just love to see what kind of stories this song might inspire in others. Science-fiction, historical fiction, poetry, trippy fic, magical realism - go crazy :D

The Eagle / Eagle of the Ninth (2011)
Resources: Movie trailer on Youtube, wonderful vid (Marcus/Esca) by Talitha78 (on Youtube)

What I wrote: I'd love to hear stories from Marcus and Esca's time living at Uncle Aquila's, or from their journey beyond the wall, or from their lives as farmers afterwards. I love historical detail and realism - and I'd intensely enjoy seeing the characters grounded in their time and culture(s).

Additional info: I really hope that my wish for historical detail doesn't seem intimidating - I'm not expecting you to do massive amounts of research, I promise! :) I just love detail, small and big - like what did they eat on journey, or what are their religions and their beliefs about the world, or what kind of grain would they harvest, or what would life like a freedman be like for Esca, or what was Marcus' Roman views on a slave's rights and duties (and how are they transformed), and so on. I am not a huge history buff, so I am going to be impressed by everything you come up with :D For this fandom I'd love stories of everyday life, as well as stories from the road. Also, I do like to read about them as romatically and sexually attracted to each other, and I'm a sucker for first-time stories, but I would love friendship fic too, so you can go either way on that. Since there's a potential for an uneven power balance between the characters in this fandom, I would like to emphasise that I'm uncomfortable with non-con and dub-con, and I would much prefer if you could avoid that. I think that it's realistic for this canon to have blurred lines, and I don't mind doubts and uncertainties, but I would really like it if no one was forced to do something against their will, or to have a character force themselves to do something against their own wants and wishes because they think it's expected of them.

General stuff:

It goes for all of my requests this year that I am just terribly, terribly curious to know more. I love being given explanations to how characters have become who they are, and how they think about the world and the people surrounding them. I love to see writers step outside of the show/movie/book and make up their own stories and create OCs if they like. I like pre-canon and post-canon and AUs and curtain-fic stories. Basically, anything that you come up with to expand on the characters and the worlds that they move through is bound to make me fantastically happy and grateful! :)

I love it if fics are realistic, and I do love a little bit of conflict and tension. I don't mind stuff that's a little angsty, either - I love UST and first-times. People hurt each other sometimes, by being oblivious, or thoughtless, or in denial and I love to read about that in stories, especially if everything turns out okay in the end. But intentional cruelty on a personal level (dishonesty, manipulation and betrayal, for example) makes me sad. I love to see the characters interacting and having an impact on each other in a positive way. I'm not much into graphic sex if it doesn't play into a plot, but if it does play into the plot I wouldn't mind it at all :)

*Looks up* Whoa, okay...I don't think I have anything else to add to my requests, now :) I hope you have fun with it, and I hope my additional comments don't seem too specific or intimidating - I get carried away, sometimes, but really I just love fic - I am going to love whatever you choose to write! If you would like more inspiration, my other yuletide letters are tagged here.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
Have fun and -

Happy writing!


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