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Dear Yuletide Person Made of Win

First of all: Welcome! \o/ I am so excited to be participating in Yuletide again this year and I am thrilled to know that you are going to write something in one of these tiny fandoms!

What follows below the cut is me rambling (on and on and on *g*) about my yuletide fandoms. I love to be given specific prompts and plot ideas, myself, so I thought I'd write down a few ideas for you, too. But please don't be intimidated by the length of this letter, and please don't think that these prompts mean that I won't appreciate and enjoy other ideas and stories. I love to be surprised, too, and the prompts below the cut is absolutely yours to take or leave as you wish. If you already have a great idea for a story, just go for it! I am going to love it :)

Win Win
Resources: Movie trailer on Youtube, tiny featurette on Kyle's character on Youtube

I love Kyle Timmons' story. I love him being a lost boy, a promising young athlete, a former youth offender and just a kid wishing for a family. I also loved all the people surrounding him: his mother, the Flahertys, his grandfather, his friend Stemler. Any story about Kyle interacting with the people around him is bound to make me weep tears of joy ;)

I would love to hear about how he does in school, how he settles into the Flaherty family, the kind of relationship he develops with Mike and Jackie, with Stemler. I would love to hear about his life years down the line - does he make it as a professional athlete? Does he keep in touch with his birth mother? Also, I am such a sucker for queer characters and I would not at all mind it if you chose to portray him as such (and if you feel like it, maybe Stemler could play a part in this?).

Whale Rider
Resources: Movie trailer on Youtube, frayadjacent's lovely Whale Rider vid

I loved the mix of social realism and magical realism in this film. But when Paikea says at the end of the film, after riding the whales: "My name is Paikea Apirana, and I come from a long line of chiefs stretching all the way back to the Whale Rider... I'm not a prophet..." I was almost a little... disappointed *g*. I kind of wanted the movie to go all out on the magical realism with that one. I would love to see her really be the second coming of the Whale Rider. I would love to see her grow up to become a strong and just and magical leader, riding the whales and leading her people forward.

Warrior (2011)
Resources: Movie trailer on Youtube, Gaby's lovely Warrior fanvid on Youtube

In this fandom, I'm particularly interested in pre- and post-movie stories. For pre-movie stories, I would especially love to read about the Conlon family dynamics. I love to read about characters negotiating their family relationships and hear them put words to it. I love it if fics are realistic, and I do not at all mind depictions of conflict and tension within families, but I also love a happy or at least hopeful ending.

I am also curious to hear what happens after the film. How will the brothers go on from where the film ended? Does Brendan keep all the money or does he offer Tommy some? Will Tommy continue fighting professionally? I would love to see Brendan and his family become a positive relationship for Tommy. I would love to see the brothers reflecting on their past lives and figuring out together how to move on from where it has left them.

I have a fondness for the idea of Frank being a positive force in Tommy's life, too. I can easily see Tommy as a queer character, and I'd absolutely love it if you chose to portray him as such – and maybe Frank could play into that scenario ;) I do love the idea of Frank and Tommy together romantically (and would love to see Brendan come to terms with his best friend and his brother as a couple, too). I don't ship the brothers as a pairing at all.

Enemy Mine
Resources: Movie trailer on Youtube

This is a recurring request from me and I have written about it in previous Yuletide letters (as well as written Enemy Mine fic for Yuletide twice). Whatever you choose to do, you pretty much can't go wrong here :)

I would absolutely love to read a story set in the movie's time line. I would also love to hear stories from alternative time lines, post-movie fic from right after the end of the movie, or set years down the line. I was very sad when Jerry died in the movie and I'd love to hear about what might have happened if it had lived. What would happen if Willis, Jerry and Zammis all left the deserted planet together? How would humans and Dracs react to their relationship?

If you write Jerry/Willis, feel free to write them as close friends, asexual romantic partners, or lovers. If you stick with the movie's storyline, I would also really love to read about Willis and Zammis' relationship down the line. How does Willis raise Jerry's child? And where? And if you're up for the broad scope, I'd also love to hear more detail about Drac culture, history, biology – to hear more about the war between Dracs and Humans, how it started and maybe how it is resolved.

[Request removed]

And finally, a bit of general stuff:
It goes for all my yuletide requests that I am just terribly, terribly curious to know more. I love being given explanations to how characters have become who they are, and how they think about the world and the people surrounding them. I love to see writers step outside of the canon source and make up their own stories, draw in bit characters and create OCs if they like. I like pre-canon and post-canon and AUs and curtain-fic stories. Basically, anything that you come up with to expand on the characters and the worlds that they move through is bound to make me fantastically happy and grateful :)

I don't mind stuff that's a little angsty, either. People hurt each other sometimes, by being oblivious, or thoughtless, or in denial. I love to read about that in stories (especially if everything turns out okay in the end). But character death, non-con, graphic violence, and untreated/unresolved intentional cruelty on a personal level (dishonesty, manipulation and betrayal, for example) makes me sad. Also, I prefer not to have to deal with misogyny in fan fiction.

I love to see the characters interacting and having an impact on each other in a positive way. I enjoy stories about friendship, and I enjoy stories about romantic sexual or asexual relationships. I am myself a queer person and love seeing nuanced and non-binary interpretations of canon characters' sexual identities and/or gender identities, if it fits into the narrative of a story. I'm not much into graphic sex if it doesn't play into a plot, but if it does then it's all good :)

*Looks up* Whoops – these letters seem to get longer and longer with every year I participate... Congrats if you made it all the way through ;) Jokes aside, though, I hope my additional comments don't seem too specific or intimidating. I sometimes get a little carried away brainstorming, but really I just love fic – and I can promise you that I am going to love whatever you choose to write. Most of all I want you to have fun with it!

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)
Have fun and -

Happy writing!
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